Move More Eat Well

Overall the Vale of Glamorgan is comparatively wealthy and many residents enjoy a high standard of living in a safe and attractive environment.  Life expectancy is increasing as is healthy life expectancy, however there are significant differences across the Vale, with those living in more deprived areas having a lower life expectancy. Data shows that like most of Wales and the UK there is a need to make healthier choices about food and to be more active.Partners have worked together through the Vale PSB, the Cardiff PSB and the Cardiff and Vale Regional Partnership Board to develop a plan to ensure the population is healthier by moving more and eating well.  The plan builds on and brings together work on the School Holiday Enrichment Programme (SHEP) and the Staff Healthy Travel Charter and a commitment at the UHW and Llandough  Hospital sites that 75% of food sold to staff and visitors is healthy.  It also reflects the progress being made by all partners to consider staff well-being.


The Plan will be officially launched later in 2020 but work will continue to ensure that partners can support their staff and the local population to stay fit and healthy and to have more information regarding a healthy diet. There will be a need to rethink some of the approaches to how priorities are delivered for example around work in schools and the workplace and these will be part of ongoing discussions as partners adopt new ways of working and engagement. Successful delivery of this plan will lead to improvements in the long term health and well-being of our residents and we will continue to innovate and adapt our ways of working to meet the challenge of encouraging people to move more and eat well.

For more information on the Move More, Eat Well programme take a look at their website or follow them on twitter.

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