Well-being Assessment 2017

The Vale Public Services Board published its first Well-being Assessment in April 2017. The Assessment was the first main task for the board as part of the requirements under the Well-being of Future Generations Act. The assessment of local Well-being provides the PSB with an extensive evidence base and has helped us to understand more about what matters to our communities and the needs and assets of our local area. We have used the assessment to inform the development of the Well-being Plan. 

The assessment contains a range of detailed evidence, including data, research and engagement information which paints a detailed picture of well-being in the Vale. Through undertaking the assessment we have identified how we can work together to improve the social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being of the Vale through our Well-being Plan.  

Vale of Glamorgan Well-being Assessment


Our Communities:

As part of our Well-being Assessment we split the Vale into three separate areas: Barry, Eastern Vale and Western Vale. This allowed the PSB to understand the different communities across the Vale and within these different areas. A series of community profiles were produced as part of this work which give an overview of the different aspects of each area and the Vale of Glamorgan as a whole. We would like to develop these profiles further and would welcome any comments or suggestions to enhance these profiles.

Informing Our Well-being Plan:

While consulting on our draft Well-being Assessment between January and March 2017, we also consulted on four areas of focus highlighted by the PSB as key areas where we can work together to make a difference. Our initial areas of focus were: Improving our Engagement, Giving children a good start in life, Tackling Inequalities and Protecting our environment. Our consultation activities verified these four areas of focus, and through a series of expert and stakeholder workshops these themes have been developed into the PSB's Well-being Objectives set out in our Well-being Plan. 

Information packs on each key theme, which have informed the development of our Well-being Objectives are available below:



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