What We Have Achieved

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In developing our new Well-being Plan it has been important to reflect on the past five years considering what we have achieved, what has worked well and the lessons that have been learnt in order to plan ahead.

In 2018 the PSB agreed four Well-being Objectives which reflected the key issues emerging from the Well-being Assessment published in 2017.

  • To enable people to get involved, participate in their local communities and shape local services 

  • To reduce poverty and tackle inequalities linked to deprivation

  • To give children the best start in life 

  • To protect, enhance and value our environment


Full details of what has been achieved to deliver these Objectives and relevant PSB priorities are detailed in a series of Annual Reports published by the PSB. These demonstrate how we have embedded the five ways of working and are contributing to the national well-being goals.

Some examples of what the PSB has achieved include:

  • Provided an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic, strengthening our partnership working, supporting each other and the community to meet the needs  of the most vulnerable, managing the restrictions that kept us safe and rolling out the vaccine programme.

  • Agreed a Climate Emergency Charter and monitored progress with partners taking significant steps to reduce their negative impact on the environment and to share good practice.

  • A more integrated approach to engagement between partners and in particular, improving how we engage with children and young people, including a special PSB meeting with young people focusing on climate change.

  • Established regular PSB/Town and Community Council (TCC) exchange meetings to discuss key issues and understand more about each other’s work and priorities. This is in addition to having a TCC representative on the Public Services Board.

  • Developed the PSB evidence base and greater insight into our communities, providing partners with access to key data to support their work.

  • Signed a Healthy Travel Charter and delivered on commitments related to public transport, walking and cycling, communications and leadership, agile working and ultra-low emission vehicles.

  • Strengthened the work of the Food Vale partnership which has achieved the Bronze Sustainable Food Places Award and held a successful annual Food Vale Festival for the past 2 years promoting local food and growing opportunities.

  • Worked together to help address food poverty including a successful bid for funding for the Llantwit Major Food Access Pilot Project following extensive engagement with the community and local stakeholders.

  • Expanded and redeveloped the local timebanking scheme now called ‘Value in the Vale’ available to everyone following successful bids for funding for a Digital Engagement and Volunteering Officer.

  • Strengthened multi agency partnerships by working together to tackle unprecedented rises in crime as a result of restrictions imposed by COVID-19 related lockdowns.

  • Worked together to progress the Move More Eat Well Cardiff and Vale Plan developed in partnership to encourage and support activities that keep people active and healthy against 10 priority areas for the region.

  • Adapted to working in new ways to support children, families and communities across the Vale of Glamorgan to develop and deliver high quality play and sport provision during times where face to face sport and play opportunities were no longer possible due to COVID-19 restrictions.

  • Engaged directly with young people to discuss issues related to climate change and making an age friendly Vale and ideas for how partners can work together with young people to make positive change.

  • Established a new Amplifying Prevention Delivery Board across Cardiff and the Vale to deliver an enhanced, joint approach to improving prevention and combatting inequities, initially focusing on childhood immunisations; bowel screening; and Move More, Eat Well operating in a way that shows our learning from the pandemic response.

  • Utilised grant funding from NRW to provide an outdoor education facility in a community garden in Barry, to plant more trees and to support a volunteer garden project in Llantwit Major led by Glamorgan Voluntary Services.


These achievements, the other work we have undertaken in partnership and the ways in which we have worked together and with others have provided a useful source of reflection. We have recognised the role of the PSB as an enabler and a facilitator and this reflection together with the Well-being Assessment, our engagement and consultation and advice from the Future Generations Commissioner’s Office has helped inform this Plan and how partners will work together to deliver the PSB Well-being Objectives.



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