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Partners have been working to progress the actions and objectives set out in our Well-being Plan. Through this work partners are focused on how we can work together and collaborate to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Vale of Glamorgan. 

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Our Annual Report:

Our Annual Report sets out some of the projects and work that the PSB has worked to progress over the last year. 

Give our Annual Report video a watch to find more about the PSB's Work: 


Written Report: 


A Staff Healthy Travel Charter for the Vale of Glamorgan:

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In October 2019, PSB and public sector partners in the Vale of Glamorgan signed a Staff Healthy Travel Charter. Through 14 ambitious actions, the charter promotes walking, cycling, public transport and ultra-low emission vehicle use in the Vale. 

The actions inlcude establishing a network  of sustainable travel champions within each organisation, developing targeted communications campaigns for staff, offering and promoting the cycle to work scheme and increasing the availability of video-conferencing for meetings to reduce the number of journeys staff need to make. 

Between them, the organisations will commit to reducing the proportion of journeys commuting to and from work made by car and increase the proportion of vehicles used during the day which are plug-in hybrid or pure electric. 

The public sector in the Vale employs over one in four working adults, over 15,000 people, so this commitment can have a significant positive impact on the environment as well as associated health benefits.

Vale of Glamorgan Staff Healthy Travel Charter

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