Tackling Climate Change in the Vale of Glamorgan

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The local environment is a huge asset to the Vale with 60 kilometers of coastal path, beautiful countryside and country parks and a significant agricultural economy. The Vale is a wonderful place to live and to visit but this puts pressure on the environment as we balance our economic, social and cultural well being ensuring we respect the environment.

In 2019 PSB partners launched the Vale PSB Climate Charter

The Charter builds on the steps already taken to protect and enhance the Vale’s environment since the Climate Emergency declaration in 2019. It sets out a series of key actions for PSB partners, both within their own organisations and to act in partnership, with the aim of managing and limiting the effects of climate change:

  • Reducing emissions to mitigate the effects of climate change whilst adapting to its impacts.
  • Be kinder to the environment.
  • Be healthier.
  • Become a Carbon Neutral Public Sector by 2030.

The Charter has been informed by engagement work undertaken with young people from across the Vale and has sought to reflect this feedback.The Climate Change Charter Steering Group will be at the helm of the project, ensuring the actions set out are delivered upon, with regular progress reports to the PSB. Examples of the planned work include:

  • Plans by the Vale of Glamorgan Council to open the first net-zero in-use carbon schools in Wales.
  • Work by Natural Resources Wales to reduce emissions in its supply chains by improving procurement practices.- Tree planting in schools and on other land owned by PSB partners.
  • Improvements to buildings by PSB partners to increase energy efficiency.

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