Our Plan

'Our Vale - Our Future' is the Vale of Glamorgan's first Well-being Plan and represents a significant change in how the PSB are working together to improve well-being across the Vale. The Well-being Plan provides the framework for our core collaborative activities between 2018 and 2023. The Plan responds to, and is informed by the findings of our Well-being Assessment which was undertaken in 2017.

Well-being Goals

Through examining the findings of the Well-being Assessment we have worked together to develop a Plan which sets out how the PSB will work to improve social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being in the Vale over the next five years. The Plan doesn't set out all the activities the PSB and partners will be undertaking, but sets out the key areas where we believe we can have the biggest impact by working together. 

Within the Plan we have identified four areas for action which are known as our Well-being Objectives. Against each objective we have set out what our assessment of local well-being has told us and what some of the key considerations for the future Vale may be. Under each objective the PSB has identified a number of steps which will help us to deliver our objectives. By delivering these steps locally, we will maximise out contribution to the National Well-being Goals for Wales, as set out in the Well-being of Future Generations Act shown below. 

Our Well-being Plan: 
You can find out more about our Well-being Plan and its four Well-being Objectives by following the links below; or if you are pressed for time, we have also produced a quick read summary of the Well-being Plan.

Objective 1

To enable people to get involved, participate in their local communities and shape local services.

Objective 2

To reduce poverty and tackle inequalities linked to deprivation.

Objective 3

To give children the best start in life. 

Objective 4

To protect, enhance and value the environment.

Informing the development of the Plan:

A wide-range of partners from public and third sector organisations, including Town and Community Councils, have been involved in the development of the Plan. An extensive public engagement campaign was undertaken which included: attending events, an online survey, a social media campaign, and going out and about across the Vale to gather different views. 

You can find out more about what we did, what you said and how we took this feedback into account, in our consultation and engagement feedback log. We also received a number of formal consultation responses on our draft well-being plan; these are also included in our log. 

Consultation and Engagement Log

Future Generations Commissioner's advice and feedback:

As part of the our consultation, the PSB consulted with the Future Generations Commissioner on the development of our Plan, the PSB received a comprehensive advice document from the Commissioner which has informed the development, and will inform the implementation of the Plan.


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